Isle of Dogs

Isle of Dogs

By Wes Anderson

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2018-03-23
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 1h 41min
  • Director: Wes Anderson
  • iTunes Price: USD 19.99


Visionary director Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs tells the story of Atari Kobayashi, 12-year-old ward to corrupt Mayor Kobayashi. When all the canine pets of Megasaki City are exiled to a vast Trash Island, Atari sets off in search of his bodyguard-dog, Spots. With the assistance of his newfound mongrel friends, he begins an epic journey that will decide the fate and future of the entire Prefecture.



  • Horribly boring

    By Douger1
    Not worth the hype
  • Worth It

    By dayana7s
    The visual aesthetics were awesome. The colors, lighting, camera composition, and storyline were all great! FILM WILL NOT DISAPPOINT
  • Exceptional!

    By Carrig
    Another original masterpiece by Wes Anderson.
  • Way better than Incredibles 2

    By grsu03
    Although it’s not a kids movie, nor it’s a Disney one. It’s still deserves to be won for best Animated Feature. Here’s why: 1. Has a better story than any of these films of this year. 2. Directed by Wes Anderson who is really famous and is super creative. 3. It’s probably not going to be nominated for Best Picture but it should get nominated for Best Director. 4. Disney has been winning the Best Animated Feature for too long and it’s time a non Disney film like Isle of Dogs should to get a turn. 5. It’s very unique and tells us a great lesson about respecting those who may be different than us. That’s why I think it deserves better than Incredibles 2. Although the sequel by Pixar is really good, Isle of Dogs is my personal essential so far.
  • FerdieZ.

    By FerdieZ.
    If your a Dog Lover, you will LOVE this movie!!.... I LOVED it and like the Japanese style of it. Great story, Great movie!!!!
  • ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Hexximan
    If you enjoy the surreal world that stop motion movies can create then you MUST see Dog Island. The puppets were spot on, (no pun intended ) the voices were just wonderful, and the story whimsical and heart warming. Its rare to have a movie these days that both young and adults can be equally entertained, but they’ve done it with Dog Island!
  • Unbelievably good

    By movie-critique
    Wes Anderson at his very best.
  • Seriously?????

    By Me ohhhh me ohhh
    Really????? A new low in the cinematic experience.
  • Great Movie for the WHOLE family

    By da-sein
    Funny, intense, poetic--even the cat liked it. The artistry was brilliant. The jokes were hilarious. The accents were funny. It had such cute figures. The dialogue was wry and biting. What a show! Never boring.
  • Isle of Dogs

    By @Marvin
    This movie is everything you expect from Wes Anderson and the cast. Does not disappoint!