Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare

By Jeff Wadlow

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Release Date: 2018-04-13
  • Advisory Rating: Unrated
  • Runtime: 1h 40min
  • Director: Jeff Wadlow
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99


Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) and Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf) lead the cast of Blumhouse’'s Truth or Dare Unrated Director's Cut, a supernatural thriller from Blumhouse Productions (Happy Death Day, Get Out, Split) that is editorially more intense and violent than shown in theaters. A harmless game of "Truth or Dare" among friends turns deadly when someone—or something—begins to punish those who tell a lie—or refuse the dare.




    By CaseyMayfield
    Significantly better than any other horror movie I have watched in recent times. Definitely worth the watch. Ignore all other reviews. Great watch.
  • Best horror movie yet!!

    By CadenceDC
    This is like AMAZING If you love horror movies and twist and thrillers like this one!! Its amazing!! Try it!! ( if you dare!! )
  • Just have fun with it!

    By calebmpr
    Truth or Dare is a horror film that is dumb & doesn't make sense, but knows it. If you expect a serious chilling thriller you will most likely hate this film. This is a film you should not take seriously. If you turn your brain away from reality while watching this movie you will enjoy it a lot more. It's about a popular game usually played by high schoolers/college students that kills it's players! This film is everything I wanted it to be & that is stupid/fun! Lucy Hale I loved in Pretty Little Liars & she was awesome in this film as well.
  • Truth or dare rate

    By Gavin the movie guy
    Was a great movie you should watch this movie, awesome thriller and great acting
  • Pretty little 👌🏼

    By carlosantho
    I loved the pretty little liers characters! ✋🤚👍
  • Good movie

    By toriDballard
    I liked it a lot, Lucy Hale’s acting is amazing definitely a must see
  • i was surprised

    By bart1"1
    this is a really good film but it is a little slow but it is very creative and entertaining it is worth the watch
  • Younger audience

    By YesiSG23
    The movie was ok probably great for teens.
  • im trying my best not to spoil anything

    By Always.disappointed
    well basically im not as disappointed as i thought i would be at the movie but all the hot guys died though so thats a disapointment if ya know what i mean so if u were all in it for tyler posey then ill save u some time watch teen wolf:)
  • Good movie

    By 4kids and a dog
    In all honesty... definitely worth watching 👍